Rachel 'n Randy, That is Who!

Our lives together began on December 22,1995 when we were married in the first-ever legal wedding in cyberspace. 

Together we have five children:  Christine*, Melanie*, James*, Tammy*, and Jeremy.  Our children with an asterisk (*) after their name have produced ten grandchildren for us. 

We are fatherless . . . both our fathers died shortly after we were married.  Randy's mother died in 1985.  Rachel's mother is retired from her work as volunteer manager of the Thrifty Center at Holbrook Indian School.

We were known on a private forum, the Adventists Online Forum on CompuServe, as R 'n R Terwillegar.  We are now members of the Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church, and Rachel is the official web master for many web sites.

Almost forgot our extended family. 

Obee Wan




Obeewan was born in May 2002.  He was named after Obeewan on Star Wars.  Everyone agrees it was the right name for him as a baby!  A Himalayan Persian -- creme, flame point, Obeewan has brought a whole lot of joy into our lives. At eight years old, he is now over 15 lbs.tobbi_glasses

Joining Obeewan is TobbiDala, just about the cutest Pomeranian puppy you have ever seen.  He is also a character out of Star Wars.  He was born in February 1, 2009.  At just 5 lbs, he is a third the size of the cat, but equally as endearing.

In this photo on the right, Tobbi has found a pair of glasses, not his, by the way!


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