Subj: The BIG ????????????? Section: Town Hall
To: Randal D. Terwillegar, 102555,317
Sunday, October 22, 1996 10:35:23
From: Rachel Twing, 74617,56 #182637


Oh how sweet!!!!!! Do I love you? Let me explain with a description of love in "Finding the Love of Your Life," by Neil Clark Warren, PhD., using Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.

    One day the two are out walking in the snow, and Calvin asks Hobbes, "What's it like to fall in love?"

    Hobbes stops walking, looks into space and strokes his chin.

    "Well, say the object of your affection walks by . . . "

    "Yeah?" says Calvin, looking up at his friend expectantly.

    "First, your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards," Hobbes says, swinging his hand around to demonstrate. "All the moisture makes you sweat profusely." He wipes his forehead. "This condensation shorts the circuits to your brain, and you get all woozy. When your brain burns out altogether, your mouth disengages and you babble like a Cretin until she leaves."

    "That's love?!" Calvin asks, obviously shocked.

    "Medically speaking," Hobbes intones, clearly very taken with his own description.

Randy, since you came into my life, even this cartoon cannot adequately describe what has happened to me! Oh may our love for each other . . . and for our God who has given us each other . . . never end.

The answer is: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! yes!!!!!!! YES!!!! Yes!!!! yes!!!! YES!! Yes!! yes!! YES! Yes! yes! YES, I will marry you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel, who's in love with her Big Blue-eyed Teddy Bear

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