Subj: The BIG ???????????????? Section:  Adventist News
To: The One I Love! Sunday, October 22, 1995 10:05:23 PM
From: Randal D. Terwillegar, 102555,317 #182634

I was complacent in my singleness until you came along.... The phone rang that day and my life has not been, and never will be the same... It has been a whirlwind romance and shall continue to be... My mailbox full of love notes... My voice mail with multiple messages from you... My days filled with thoughts of you and my nights with dreams of you... The discovery each day of more and more that we have in common... Our likes and dislikes... Our hopes and dreams... Our aspirations and disappointments... And, Our Love of the Lord... We have the Adventist Forum to thank for bringing us together... Isn't technology wonderful???

Now for the BIG Question....
Rachel Twing.... I'm taking this opportunity to publically express my undying Love for you... I'm humbly asking you to accept my proposal of marriage to you... It is a serious decision, I understand, and I take fully the responsibility of it's implications... I want to share my life with you for as long as the Lord has in store for us on this earth... I look forward to spending eternity with you also...

Yours in humble anticipation of your reply....

Randy... The one who Loves you....AKA "Your Blue-eyed Teddy Bear"

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