Caught by Cyber Cupid!

    How did we meet?

    Why the Adventist Forum to announce our engagement?

    A chance meeting on the "super information highway?

. . . Certainly we were caught by the arrow from the bow of Cyber Cupid!  Here is our story [Randy's comments in brackets].

It had been nearly three weeks since I had been home. The Maranatha building project at Holbrook Indian School had consumed a major amount of my time.

Arriving home two days before the Arizona Conference constituency meeting, I had to develop 10 rolls of slide film and edit a two hour 8mm videotape down to eight minutes. I knew it would take me considerable time, so on Saturday I stayed home from church.

Before I got started, I logged onto CompuServe. The messages on the Adventist Forum that morning intrigued me, so I took the few extra moments to read them. While I was reading all of a sudden my screen came alive with a conversation from Fairbanks, Alaska. Darel Terwillegar started chatting with me. When he found out I was single and lived in Phoenix, he asked a question that would change my life forever.

"Do you know my brother, Randy?" he was asking. "He lives in Phoenix."

"No, I don't," I typed. "Tell me about him."

Darel said his brother was 6' tall, my age, with brown hair, a beard, mustache, and blue eyes. But when he explained that Randy worked for KPNX TV, Channel 12, I became very interested.

"Does Randy know how to edit video?" I asked. Darel didn't know. "Can I have Randy's phone number . . . so I can call him while we are online?" I asked Darel.

He didn't know the number, but his friend, Denise, standing nearby knew the number and called it out to him so he could give it to me. So, call I did. Randy and I soon became old friends.

Meanwhile Darel is typing on the computer screen, "Hey, what's going on? Remember me?" I told Randy my dilemma . . . that I needed to edit the video for a meeting the next day . . . would he have time to help . . . this very afternoon? He had the time, and soon I found myself giving him directions to my house. He came on "Sir Blu" his motorcycle. We parked Sir Blu at my house and went on down to the Channel 12 studio in my car.

It took five hours or so to edit the video and we got acquainted briefly during that time. After the video was done I invited Randy to dinner (after all, I owed him big time for helping me) [and she had to take me back to get "Sir Blu."]

We went out to eat, came back to the house, and got on CompuServe so Randy could talk more with Darel. When he left, Randy gave me his card with his phone numbers and Internet address. The following day I was re-elected to my position as development director for Arizona Conference and Holbrook Indian School. The meeting moved along quickly and the video we prepared the day before was not needed. So I e-mailed Randy a note to let him know the good news and the bad news. At the end of the note I assured him I enjoyed his company. If he wanted to pursue a friendship, I would be interested, too . . . but the ball was now in his court. [I was interested, I did pick up the ball!]

He called later that night and we made a date to eat out that Tuesday, going to the restaurant on Sir Blu (the motorcycle). That first date went well, [Sir Blu thought she was okay, too] and we have been seeing each other every day since then. We've been up to Holbrook together, to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and to California several times . . . In Albuquerque Randy asked me to be his steady date . . .

AND then, Randy proposed several weeks later on the Adventist Forum in a thread, "The BIG ?????"-- Rachel, who's in love with her big, blue-eyed Teddy bear

Rachel said I could write now . . . Here's our story from my perspective --

I had played hookie from church that fateful day to do some recovery from some unpleasantness that occurred on an Internet mail list that I subscribed to . . . I was planning to take a leisurely ride on "Sir Blu" later that afternoon . . . The phone rang . . . It was Rachel . . . She perked my interest when she said she had Darel on-line and he had given her my phone number . . . She sounded interesting, I was planning to ride anyway, so I agreed to meet her at her house . . .

Rachel covered "the rest of the story" . . . There's not much too much to add . . . Except that I really believe with all my heart that the Lord led us together . . . Rachel is such a good friend and a "soul mate" . . . We have so much in common and share the same life goals . . . and she is a wonderful and genuine person . . .

I was helpless after the first "date" . . . I had to spend the rest of my life with her . . . there was no choice . . . So I asked "The BIG ?????"

It didn't take a whole lot of time for Rachel to respond. She gave her "REPLY" online, too . . . in the message library. The SYSOP, Ralph Blodgett, was online when both The BIG ????? and Reply appeared. Soon we were chatting online with him . . . planning the "wedding of the year" on the Adventists Online Forum. -- Randy, who's helplessly in love with my wonderful "soul mate" Rachel.

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