Our family is important to us.  Together we have five awesome children -- and 10 grandchildren!*

RANDY has two children: Grumpa

  • CHRISTINE*, is a domestic engineer, married to Cliff, a senior network engineer.  Christi and Cliff have four children, Stefany, Samuel, Josiah and David.
  • MELANIE*, is a domestic engineer, married to Doug, a hospital president.  They have two daughters, Taylor, and Sienna.
  • *Grumpa got his name one time when Rachel insisted he take a video -- she hadn't charged the batteries on the video camera. He wasn't happy!

RACHEL has three children:

  • JAMES* is a computer specialist/software engineer and a proud parent of Gregory and Catherine.
  • TAMMY* is a domestic engineer.  She is  married to Luke, an IT director in Australia.  Tammy and Luke have two boys, Joshua and Michael.
  • JEREMY, our youngest, is a brick layer, currently working as a sales associate. 

You may find out more about our grandchildren by following the links to the left with an asterisk (*).  Our grandchildren are, of course, the most beautiful grandchildren in all the world!

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