Hawaii 1998

All work and no play makes Rachel n Randy no fun!  Our trip to Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii started as a business trip.  Friends, Carol and Curt joined us to make the vacation a whole lot of fun.   While Rachel attended a conference, Randy and Curt dove the coast of Kona, the Big Island of Hawaii.  Carol photographed flowers and collected shells.  After the meeting all of us set out for all we could see, documenting it along the way.

Randy captured a few beauties under the sea on 15 rolls of film.  Click here to see dive photos.  Photos Rachel and Carol took appear below.  Click each photo to see full view.

Randy n Rachel, Black Sand Beach

Rachel n Randy sitting on a log at Black Sand Beach.

Just How Big

Just how big was it?

Making Tracks, Black Sand Beach

Randy makes tracks at Black Sand Beach.

Lava Flow

Randy, just thinking he's on the hot seat!

Hawaiian Flower

Just one of Hawaii's beautiful flowers

Plume of Steam, View from Helicopter

Plume of steam as hot lava hits the water.

Inside a Lava Tube

Randy touring one of the lava tubes

Another View of Plume of Steam

Plume from the helicopter as the island grows bigger.

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