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Answers to Bible Questions . . . Daily inspiration, answers to Bible questions on hundreds of topics, free gifts, and more await you at this site.

It is Written, a contemporary television program featuring speaker Mark Finley answers questions people are asking today.

Lifestyle Magazine brought to you by Faith For Today.  Hosted by Dan Matthews, the program brings family values to television, talk shows that bring quality to your life.

Andrews University is located on 1,600 acres near the banks of the St. Joseph River in Berrien Springs, Michigan.  Comprising of five schools, a variety of programs are offered leading to associate, baccalaureate, masters' and doctoral degrees.

LaSierra University is located on a lush 100 acre campus in Riverside, California, 50 miles from Los Angeles.  Fully networked for technology, the campus includes a World Museum of Natural History, an observatory, a visual arts center and gallery, a Women's Resource Center, and the Hancock Center for Youth and Family Ministry.

Pacific Union College is a fully accredited four-year college offering a Christ Centered experience to more than 1,600 students.  The 200 acre campus overlooks California's Napa Valley.

Loma Linda University Medical Center . . . leading California hospital known for infant heart transplants and its proton radiation therapy for treatment of cancer and benign disorders.  In all its work, the mission of Loma Linda University and Medical Center is to:  Make Man Whole.

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