Surprise! 2000

To celebrate Tammy's 25th birthday, Luke thought it would be great if her mother would make a surprise visit . . . so we planned the surprise for in November of 2000. 

To start out, the surprise was on Rachel . . . Click for larger viewupon checking in at the desk in Los Angeles, CA, she discovered she had left her passport at home.  (Australia is like home -- who needs a passport?)  With plenty of time to spare, she called Randy who arranged to have it flown out on the next flight.  This fellow handed the expensive, but oh so necessary, passport package to her after it had come down the luggage ramp.

The majority of the time was spent with Tammy and her Australian family.  To follow are some photos of the trip, to see a larger view just double click on the small photo.  Most of the photos are of the boys, Michael 1 1/2, and Joshua 2 1/2, in-laws Bob and Bernice Pannekoek, cousin Daniel Cinzio and his new bride, Tammy, and of course, Tammy and Luke.

Tumbling Joshua and Michael

Boys will be boys . . . and Burger King's playground is a fun place to be!

Michael at Burger King Playhouse

Beach Trail 2 Blocks from House

< Walk along the trail at the beach, a couple of blocks from the house

 > Hi, Grandpa Randy

Hi, Grandpa Randy

Cousin Daniel Rides Trolly with the Boys (Shopping Cart)

Nothing more entertaining than riding the trollies in the parking lot after dinner! 

Tammy and the Boys Ride Trollie

Daniel Cinzio and new bride Tammy

< Josh loves Daniel and Tammy, doesn't understand his mother's name is also Tammy!          > Luke n Josh

Joshua and Dad

Kissin Mommy

Little Swimmers< Little swimmers!

Michael & LukeMichael and Dad

Bob in Paper Mache Pilgrim Hat

Thanksgiving, Australian style -- everyone came dressed as Pilgrims or Indians

< > In-laws Bob and Bernice

Pilgrim Bernice

Pilgrim Mom with Joshua

Tammy n Her Boys>After dinner excitement, Bob's adult boys finally dunked him in the pool!

Dunked Bob


Tammy practices with vocal instructor.

Tammy at Music Lesson

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